Client Stories

Below are some stories about clients who made the changes required to reach their goals.

Whether it is a personal change, coaching supervision or leadership coaching, I am here to help you get control of your future and discover things you couldn’t see on your own.

LM was a Senior marketing manager struggling with his work load. He wanted to develop a strategic vision and make impact within the organisation.  Coaching enabled him to understand why his work had become overwhelming, and how to be more effective with his precious time and energy. It was the key to helping him see where he wanted to go next.

SB was making her transition from team member to team leader. Imposter syndrome was holding her back, and she was lacking in confidence. Our work together helped her apply her strengths to her new role and find her leadership style. As her confidence grew she began to enjoy greater happiness and effectiveness in her new role.

TH was a professional desperate to find a new direction and start her own business.  But something was stopping her.

By identifying what she was allowing to stand in her way, she was able to work through a plan that felt realistic and exciting.

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