My Story

2012 was a tough year for me.  A close family member took his life. I had cancer.  I became a single parent.  At the same time I was working as a senior leader, trying to hang on to and forge ahead with my career.  I was on the floor.  I needed to make sense of it all.  Somehow.  Why did these things always happen to me? How could I not only survive but thrive?

Coaching was a huge part of the answer. I would never say the whole answer. I had a lot of support from colleagues, family and friends. I worked hard.    What coaching allowed me to do was realise the resources I had at my disposal. My own determination. A passion for learning.  Creativity.  A sense of humour. Those wonderful friends.  It enabled me to take control of my life, become more confident, and understand what I wanted and needed. At work it made me a better colleague and leader.

Now why wouldn’t I want to share that with you?

Coaching Services I Offer:

Leadership Coaching

Whether you are a new or established leader, coaching allows you to confront barriers to success and fulfil your potential.

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Change For You

Want to make a change?  Get control of your future.  Discover things you couldn’t see on your own.

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I work 1 to 1 or can host group supervision sessions face to face or online. It doesn’t matter where in the world you are.

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